Welcome to the EcoGIS Ltd website. We are a UK based consulting company in the field of Geographical Information Systems (GIS). During our 5 years experience in the sector, we have participated to different GIS-Remote Sensing and major IT transformation projects.Final Image_6

Our main application areas were in Agriculture, Tourism and Geographic Mobile Applications (Hybrid), where we helped with the development of innovative and client needs solutions together with our partners.





Services Provided

  • IT Business Analysis (Spatial Data-Geographical Information Systems based);
  • GIS Expertise/Consultancy;
  • GIS Software and Functionalities Testing;
  • Implementation of GIS/IT systems with Agile/Scrum Methodology;
  • Provision of GIS Experts at Clients' Site/Personnel;
  • Development of GIS Apps;

Agriculture – Rural Development Policy.

Business Analysis and Testing of Pillar II Scheme within the Rural Development Policy. Implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy Delivery Program for DEFRA-RPA. Analysis, Outcomes Analysis, Software Design and Testing of the Software on behalf of Abacogroup UK.


Development of Interactive Touristic Geo-Applications.

Recent Clients